CREATION OF A COLLECTIVE MARK  “Peix de la Barceloneta”

The fishermen’s Association of Barcelona has proven that consumers do not have the confidence they had in food products and this is due to different factors such as the ignorance of the origin of the products, since consumers may think that not come from our coast, let them know that the crisis and health food-related scandals are farces as it passed a strict sanitary control of hygiene, the lack of guarantees in the marketing of certain products, the need to satisfy the need for information about explicit and implicit characteristics of food and the need for guarantees applied on the quality of the products consumed.

Aim among other projects that was pending the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona, is to promote the commercialization of fresh fish and Mediterranean, for this reason we have created the quality mark “fish of the Barceloneta” owned by the brotherhood of Fishermen of Barcelona, to promote a Collective Brand of fish from the fruit of the work of the boats that comprise it. A brand for your certification to third parties and to be able to sell to all of Spain and later in Europe. The collective Brand “fish of the BARCELONETA”, aims to recognize and distinguish the quality of the products, the need to respond to a brand that allows to distinguish in the market the products of fish from the coast, cool, giving consumers a effective way to distinguish these products.

 “Q” quality in the blue fish 

Once a month the brotherhood, has made an effort to get a differentiation in our products, obtained the “Q” of quality in the blue fish, differentiation, we have to take advantage of, along with the proximity and sustainability, a quantitative value, and We have to work for their marketing, and is distinguished from the rest, and with this to be able to establish a price concorde in its value.