The fishermen’s Association of Barcelona is committed to promote and encourage the productive reorientation of fishing with tourist purposes, linking the conservation activities and the sustainable use of natural resources through the fishing tourism, where the activities carried out by our institution will consist in:

• Routes and visit the ports and fish markets to meet the auction

• Valorisation of marine culture of peoples through music festivals, exhibitions, parties, exhibitions, etc.

• Gastronomic, courses of fish and seafood, wraps,

• Seal of quality to promote the sale and the consumption of fish from the fish market

• Courses to learn about varieties, how to recognize the freshness and quality, etc.

• Visit the Maritime Museum

• Visit to ships

The development of this activity is performed by:


There will be a walk around the fishing port in order to know its operation and their boats. The facilities of the Brotherhood are an incomparable to explain what they are and how they work the fish auction, the brotherhood of fishermen and the fishing industry in general. Will provide responses to issues such as fishing and the port, the fish auction, the kinds of fish and their nutritional properties, how to cook and what have flavour. The visit ends with a wine tasting.

Through a few audiovisual works, exhibition panels and the accompaniment in all times of a guide, explains the most important elements of the fishing world


We visit one of the main attractions of the fishing port of the fishing Port of Barcelona: the auction of the fish, with a direct explanation of its operation, the characteristics of the fleet, the species sold, the role of buyers.


The fishermen’s Association of Barcelona, wants to contribute to the knowledge, sustainability and gastronomy of marine products, putting in value and education of those listed species, but with a high culinary and gastronomic value. This activity is performed with a guided visit to the cultural center to discover, learn about and taste the cuisine of the fish in our country. Accompanied by a guide to the fish auction and made a tour of the Port ending with samplings of fish, to enjoy the visitor of the marine cuisine with all the senses

Activities are intended to create a workshop for the demonstration and tastings of our products, with recipes of the most traditional dishes with the most innovative, by sailors as the cooks of our city. In order to immerse consumers in the secrets of the world of the fish and the traditional cuisine of fishermen.

All these activities are carried out without interfering with the schedule of the fishing activity.