The fishermen’s guilds in Catalonia, constituted as corporations of public law with legal personality and capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes, have the representation of the fishing sector, without prejudice to what may correspond to other associations and will perform in their respective territorial areas, such as to governing bodies for consultation and collaboration with the administration of the Government, with the aim of promoting and boosting fishery interests.

Functions of the fishermen’s guilds in Catalonia:

Act as a consultative organ of the Administration on all issues that affect the sea fishing and you may be subject.
The previous report issued in relation to the general provisions governing fishing, when their respective territorial areas affect the.
Elevate reports and proposals to the administration of the Generaltat on the areas of its competence.
To inform its members about the grants, programs, the obligations and the normaitva that affect them.
Make the capture statistics in accordance with the instructions of the Department.
Ensure compliance with the obligation of landing in ports and in the fish market of the totality of the catches, as well as the current regulations regarding fishing and comecialització up to the first sale.
Submit to the Department, for their consideration and approval if ecau, proposals of fishing plans in order to balance the living marine resources, the means of production and catches.
To schedule those activities aimed at increasing the profitability of the fishing effort by means of the rational exploitation of resources and the improvement of working conditions.
Give proper coverage to the demands of marketing of catches by improving organizational systems for the benefit of fishermen and consumers.
To promote the cultural and professional training of the members of the fraternities, by providing them with the knowledge of the appropriate technology in each case.
Promote necessris services aimed at achieving greater efficiency in the development of fishing activities and facilitate the creation of companies, associations or cooperatives with professionals of the sector.