Why a project for the collection of marine debris on the part of the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona?

The fishing took place on the Yacht Charter pertenecen Cofradía por todas las that are as of the “coastal fishing”, tal y como se recoge, among other terms, in the Royal Decree 36/2014 este concepto:

18. Coastal fishing: the ejercida by the fishing fleet that realiza mareas de duración less than twenty-four hours. ”

Marine waste collection projects are initiatives in which the fishermen have been voluntarily on the ground the garbage they collect in their networks during his day of work

Marine waste collection projects provide an opportunity to involve directly the fishermen in the reduction of these wastes. The fishermen are the first witnesses of the environmental damage caused by marine debris when they take the trash into their networks. Marine debris directly affects the livelihood of fishermen, as they may damage populations of fish, fishing equipment and to lose the time of fishermen in cleaning up this rubbish of the networks. In some cases, the fishing industry can also contribute to the problem of marine litter through accidental or intentional discharge of their own waste at sea. The fishermen’s participation in projects for the collection of marine litter is a simple way to promote their role as stewards of the marine environment, helping them to contribute to the protection of their environment and reduce the problem of marine litter in their fishing area.

Increase awareness of marine debris issues and the reduction of the impact of these on the tourist industry in the area