It is located in the heart of Barcelona, in an iconic and unique setting. The fishermen’s Association of Barcelona has its offices in known as the Moll del Rellotge, tucked away the curious and open to the sea, in the District of la Barceloneta.

Is a public law Corporation, non-profit organization, with its own legal personality and full capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes, is made up of indefinite and the representation of the fishing sector and activity fishing and quarrying in the territory of the city of Barcelona, is governed by its own Statutes, which approves the General meeting, the highest governing body of the entity.

It continues today, as has been doing since its Foundation, helping the fact that everything works correctly because the city of Barcelona you can enjoy a quality fresh fish and seafood on a daily basis.

The legislation that regulates the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona is situated in the framework of the law of fishing and Maritime Action dictaminada by the Government of Catalonia in February 2010.

In this law, in accordance with article 64 “The fishermen’s guilds and its federations are public corporations, non-profits, who exercise functions of representation of the fishing sector and of collaboration and consultation with the Administration, and make management activities, promotion and promotion of fishing interests, in accordance with the regulation that establishes the regulations of the fishermen’s guilds ”

For this reason, the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona is set up as a public law Corporation, non-profit organization, with its own legal personality and is capable of acting in the fulfilment of its purposes; exercising the representation of the fishing sector, without prejudice to that may be applicable to other associations, and to act in their respective areas as the bodies of consultation and collaboration with the public administrations, with the aim of to promote and encourage the fishing interests.

At the same time, it should be noted that in the law referred to law, stated that:

The fishermen’s Association is governed by this Act, by the regulations that develop and by their respective statutes.
The fishermen’s Association is subject to the supervision of the Government, which exercised by the Department of agriculture, stockbreeding and fisheries. This guidance includes the control of the legality of the acts relating to the Constitution, the Organization and the election procedure, and also of the events that involve the exercise of public functions by the brotherhood.
The fishermen’s Association is endowed with autonomy for the management of their interests and their own resources and their performance is subject to private law.
According to current regulations, the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona in its full right to autonomy in the management of their interests and their own resources, establishes its regulation on these aspects:

to the fishermen’s Association of Barcelona):
b) the territorial scope: province of Barcelona
c) home. Fishing port, s/n

In the same way regulates the requirements for acquiring the status of members of the brotherhood, the rights and obligations of its members, the disciplinary regime, the governing bodies, as well as its operation and the quorum for decision making.

For this reason, and online electoral system, the brotherhood decides above all that which is not expressly regulated by this Act or the regulations that develop.

The electoral administration has entrusted to a Committee and to an electoral table of the brotherhood, made solely and exclusively by members of the sector, on which lies the whole electoral process. This process is brought to a single electoral Board throughout Catalonia, with integrated functions of supervision, basically by members of the Department of agriculture, stockbreeding and fisheries, as a body ensuring of the guilds.

In the same way, the administration of the Guild establishes the economic and accounting regime, the management of the heritage and the resources provided for as well as the causes and the procedure of merger and dissolution, and also the final destination of their wealth, that has to reverse in actions of social interest in the field of the brotherhood dissolved.